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Gallery Artist: Wendyll Brown

Artist's Statement

My work is a vigorous pursuit of balance between the states of chaos and order that alternate and overlap in our lives. I find inspiration in the logic of nature and the metaphors of poetry. Drawing from my own words and that of other poets, I translate evocative passages onto the canvas.

My paintings express conflicting ideas in everyday materials -- salvaged wood and metal, fabrics, old clothes, letters, maps and text. From these seemingly random collection of scraps, I overload the surface with an excess of materials. Then I meticulously refine them, tearing, sewing and gluing seemingly disparate pieces together in a laborious exploration.

Every creative decision is documented transparent in my finished work. What is left behind on the scarred surface is as important as what was removed. Paint is layered then scratched away to show the passage of time and the thought that lies beneath the surface. To me, what is most interesting in life is not immediately obvious, but is only uncovered after a closer look.