Wedding and gift Registries

What do you give the people who have everything?

Why, Art, of course!

For many modern couples, art is the best choice for shower and wedding gifts. A gift registry at Candita Clayton Gallery is the perfect way to help newlyweds get started on their personal art collections, while at the same time supporting our immensely talented local artists and artisans. 


How it works

When a couple registers for shower and wedding gifts at the Gallery, a registry list of their chosen artworks is created. Rather than asking guests to buy a certain piece of art (or part of a certain piece), the registry accepts monetary gifts in any amount. When the registry is closed, the couple can then apply the sum total of all gifts received toward their favorite pieces of art. 


creating your registry

If you are interested in setting up an art registry for your wedding or other event, please contact Candita Clayton at or 401.533.8825 to arrange a private showing in the Gallery. If you're not local to Southern New England, your registry can also be set up over the phone or via e-mail.