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Gallery Artist: paul m. Coté

about the artist

Paul M. Coté was born and raised in Woonsocket, R.I. His Atelier and residence is currently in Cumberland, R.I. Coté has exhibited his work in numerous galleries both locally and nationally. Coté’s work can be found in a myriad of public and private collections. Those include The Smithsonian, Harvard University, Mass. General Hospital, Butler Hospital, and the Alzheimer's Association. Coté uses his art to teach classes like “freedom of thought”, raise money for the Alzheimer's Association, and participate in numerous lead disciplinary performances throughout the region.

Cote’ and partner Elizabeth Moreau, have created a line of one of a kind art-military jackets called Art-Fashion-Honor. The line was created to honor the forgotten soldier with a portion of each sale going to a military cause. Coté is currently on the board of the Hope Alzheimer’s Center and Riverzedge Arts, a member of the Art and History committee at Butler Hospital and a mentor with Big Brother and Sisters of RI.


Artist's Statement

An American post modern artist inspired by the great modernists, especially Jackson Pollock. I am an artistic cowboy, lassoing my forms with skeins of flung pigments. Upon exploration one can appreciate the expressive swirls, speckled dots and explosive areas of psychedelic colour that charachterise my works. My process is creating a picture of internal reality not typically seen, but rather felt with the heart and soul. A combination of spontaneity forged by the past, present and future.

Working with oversized canvas on the floor, I allow the picture to take shape naturally but will often rework the surface many times. Symbolism plays an important role in my creative life, but of the non objective kind. The impasto surface is built up with layer upon layer, giving my work a sculptural quality. Speaking through raw abstract form is a way to open direct communication to the audience, each person taking away a different message.

The works exhibited for Energy – Motion – Shift represent a cross section of the methodologies I use in creating my abstract narratives. Please enjoy the journey as you walk through the gallery.

Love and Light,