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gallery artist: Michael DiQuinzio

artist statement

Everyone has their story, but mine is a little different. 

I was born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island. As a child I would take piano lessons and take up the clarinet, play both by ear, and never learn to read music. I still can’t. Later I would try every sport imaginable but wouldn’t be satisfied until I could defy gravity as a gymnast. As long as I can remember I would always try to visually alter my environment to my liking. When it was time for college I really had no idea of my future. 

Upon graduation in 1992, an art professor at the University of Rhode Island asked me what my major was. When I told him Physical Education, he simply replied, “you’re in the wrong major.” I brushed it off and spent the next eight years trying to fit my square head into this round world. Boy was he right! Having footed my college bills I was worried to tell my parents I had enrolled myself in cosmetology school, and for the last 18 years I’ve been artfully creative on the human form. Later I would realize I had a knack for photography. I had no idea I’d end up photographing weddings and families. In hind sight I had been teaching myself throughout my entire life. Then I found a paint brush. Little did I know that painting would be oxygen to me. 

It was the end of winter and my anxiety was at an all time high. I found myself without a project so my husband suggested I try my hand at painting. I rolled my eyes, literally, but within the span of ten minutes I was hooked! Alone with my paint brush I could suddenly make myself feel better. A whole new world of fun came rushing in and I let it. While calming myself I was bringing smiles to others, and that has been the frosting on the cake for me. Now my paintings hang in homes all over the country. When I paint I feel alive, grounded, and inspired in a large way. I am drawn to water, vibrant color, and the occasional cityscape. I'm not often aware of what will appear on the canvas next, however , I never do the same thing twice. I guess you could call me a 'Visual Mechanic’.