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Gallery Artist: Kristin Street

Artist's Statement

I am definitely a materials junkie. Learning a new technique is oftentimes the source of a whole new area of exploration. Much of my work utilizes circular motifs, relying on both organic forms and man-made structures. I find the intermingling of these two components an endless source of interest and opportunity, especially when seen through the broad spectrum of different media.

Some materials resonate and become the foundation to a series or body of work grounded in a singular vision and expanding to encompass a broader theme. I work to sooth an itch; curiosity drives my exploration, with one path of inquiry leading to the next. Ideas can sprout from a chance observation seen on an afternoon walk or be drawn from headlines in the evening news. I am intrigued about the world around us how it works and how we interact with it. 

My work is often seen through a lens of abstraction; duplicating that which surrounds us is of no interest to me, but figuring out the guts of an object or an idea sparks my curiosity and directs my efforts.