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Gallery Artist: Kate Wilson

about the artist

Kate Wilson is best known for her abstract and surrealist twist on what "is." Her curious and adventurous nature ensures that her path is filled with discovery. She creates elegant and thought-provoking art with a process that is organic and playful. Kate uses her photography as a starting point to capture common subjects within the fleeting essence of the moment. Her art is influenced by her love of nature and fine art, her years spent as an educator, her work as a graphic designer, and her happy outlook on life. 

She is drawn to color, shape, pattern, and texture as they relate to one another, and using these elements, coupled with any combination of scale, angle, repetition, perspective, and focus, her creations call for contemplation and imagination. Her art offers an opportunity to play for the viewer as well. Many of her works have hidden positive messages within. Come and play in Kate’s world!

Kate lives and creates in Cranston, Rhode Island.

artist's statement

I am emerging this very moment as a professional artist, but I believe that I have been preparing for this my entire life. Looking back, the touchstones all lead here. Through my discovery of photography, combined with my graphic design training, my years as an elementary educator, and a nature enthusiast, I have found my artistic voice. I want to sing from the rooftops that my art offers something to the world! Stop, be curious, and play with me.

When I am photographing, it is as if time stands still and everything falls away. There is nothing, but my camera, my subject, and me. I may focus on my subject for an hour, getting to understand its intricacies - for example, how the petals of a blossom roll and fold, how the pollen clings to the stamen, or how light reaches around and through. It is as if nature is revealing itself to me. As I discover, I often get overwhelmed with a warm, sweet sense of joy. This joy, this captured moment is what I want to share with the world. The secret messages I have hidden within my work are my way of offering this sense of joy when I am not present. The message is kind and the gift of the intimate feeling of a secret revealed connects to how I feel when creating my photographs.

My work pushes the boundaries of what defines traditional art. In my submitted works, I use my photographs, yes, but my art is not traditional photography of simple things. I pay homage to my humble subjects by elevating and transforming their original form. I bring the relationships of line, color, and texture together in a visual story. The positive and negative space within each piece act as narrator. 

Some of my artwork has a reflective component. The space, depth, and new connections created with this technique thrill me. I offer a new perspective on a tried and true medium. Having my photography designs finished using the cutting-edge technology of dye sublimated aluminum conceptually connects with my modern twist on this historic art form.

My intention as an artist is to offer a place of contemplation and play for the viewer. When asked why I was awarded a prize at my first international exhibition, the juror said that my submission made him curious. What a gift it was for me to have a renowned artist connect with my artistic intent! I am starting to be known locally as O’Keeffe meets Rorschach. I am humbled and empowered! Honestly, I want to reach as many people as possible. There is such beauty and joy to be shared. Come and play with me!