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Gallery Artist: Deborah Baronas

artist's statement

Time (noun) = the past, present, and future; a particular moment; hour of the day; an opportunity; the right moment; duration; occasion. * to measure or record the duration of. (from the Webster's New Century Dictionary) 

To visually articulate time the artist can choose to render events, objects, actions, or places. They can be relics from the past, present day occurrences, or theoretical ideas. But all subjects should include an instance of something happening or having been done. Whether it's a whimsical dance, an iconographic artifact, or a sensuous play of light in a landscape, the work must reflect the progress of existence regarded as a whole. Like cinematic clips, the works can be mundane or sensational events, self critical exposes, or social commentary, but they must invite investigation beyond the obvious, ask us to reflect, or look to the future. 

When I returned to making art again after working for many years in the textile industry, I began to paint familiar landscapes. Despite my desire to describe these places, the images did not reflect the story I wanted to tell. 

My father's last words were, "Going ... doing." We are always in a state of having lived in the past, residing in the present and looking to the future. We mark the passage of time by examining our presence in the present. 

Reinforced by my roots in the farming industry, and years of work in textile manufacturing, I shifted between the world of glamour and a gritty work culture. My attention turned to the laborers. 

As a painter, my work on paper and canvas has evolved into the manipulation of textiles. The use of fabric as my medium provides a sensuous, ethereal and contemplative quality to an investigation of the patterns, shadows, rhythms and movement of everyday occurrences. 

Our actions, where we go, what we build, and how we alter the landscape, occasionally call for reflection on historical events, sometimes keeps us "in the moment" and often brings us into a new world. Going and doing. 

- Deborah Baronas, 2013