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gallery artist: debby krim

about the artist

Debby was born in Rhode Island in 1957. She has been photographing and oil painting since the 1970’s. Her formal training began with two summers of exploration at RISD. In 1976, she headed to Boston to study at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts. Boston has remained her home ever since. She is an active member of the art community, and has her studio in the SoWa Art & Design District. 

Debby develops her vision through a variety of media, including oil paint, photography, film, and metal - smithing. Her photographs go beyond simple visual representation . Her realist paintings, mostly of toys, map out of story of humor and irony. Her jewelry illustrates her fun sense of play, She designs and hand makes each piece using traditional bench tools creating unique contemporary art works to be worn.

artist's statement

The desire to visually study is a primal force that motivates me. White intrigues me. White objects symbolize innocence, perfection, cleanliness, and simplicity. Without the presence of color, our focus is shifted to: texture, pattern, light and shadow, and the relationship between positive and negative space.

I have spent more than a decade on this in-depth photographic study of white flowers. In building this evocative series, I explore the visual dialogue in contrasts: abstract versus real, pure versus sensual, order versus disorder, structured versus organic and tranquility versus exhilarating