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Gallery Artist: David Allyn

about the artist

In the great north woods of Wisconsin, in a land pure as time, a young ceramic artist was born.  Raised on corn and delighted by the sight of Holsteins chewing cud in the pastures late day sun, Allyn found Wisconsin a beautiful and exciting place to be a kid. On a very affordable budget, The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offered a solid entry point to the path of higher education. That path, still chosen by Allyn, has allowed him to witness the completion of an MFA from RISD and the founding of a community ceramics department at the Steel Yard in Providence Rhode Island.

Currently, Allyn works and curates exhibits in his studio and gallery at Monnohasset Mill, “Thirsty’s Gallery #104."  Allyn is the founder and acting head of The Steel Yard’s ceramic department and teaches adult classes quarterly at The Steel Yard in Providence.


artist's statement

David Allyn’s work is filled with color and imagery. Using photo decal transfers, stencils, and silk screen printing on porcelain, Allyn creates one of a kind hand made porcelain printed objects. Allyn’s high-fire porcelain image transfers offer an optimistic and futuristic vision of our contemporary culture.