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Gallery Artist: Constance shattuck Kolman

about the artist

Connie is an award winning international glass artist who creates her distinctive, one-of-a-kind glass in her Sudbury studio.  Using various papers from the world over, along with resins, foils, and paints, she transforms one of the oldest known mediums into an art form not soon forgotten.  

Her provocative and elegant work is commissioned by private collectors and galleries alike. In addition to her limited edition artwork, architects and designers rely on Connie to transform environments through her large wall panels.  Her architectural work is used in corporate, hospitality, and high-end residential settings throughout the United States. 

Connie holds a Certificate in Decorative Arts from the Boston Architectural College and is a graduate of Lesley University.  She is an associate member of the Copley Society of Art. Her work has been published in Hospitality Design, Design New England, The Boston Globe and most recently, Glass Art – 112 Contemporary Artists, Schiffer Press. 


Artist's Statement

When I was a little girl, my favorite day at school was always the day we had finger painting. Now, I spend my days working with glass, papers, paints and leaf to create one-of-a-kind fine art and wall panels.

There is a kind of magic that happens behind the glass. The papers stand alone and then bring out the best in each other. The paint teases colors you didn’t know where there. The leaf creates the depth that draws you into another dimension.

As an abstract artist, with one or two exceptions, to find a straight line in my work is a rare thing ... a residual from my previous life as a corporate executive. I am outside the box now and that’s reflected in my work. There are no suits and there are no greys here. Only brilliant colors and curiosity.