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Gallery Artist: becksy

about the artist

BECKSY unique and desirable pieces created with just a palette knife. BECKSY runs her successful Art business from her studio in the Scottish Borders, with her dog Ralph, who assists in running the business as best as he can. BECKSY takes her inspiration from wildlife, gin and her imagination; which has been tremendously busy since she was a child.


artist's statement

I see the painting, before I've even fully taken in the image or object, it's instinctive. I've always painted, as a child, and as an adult. In 2014 I started to paint full time and I don’t have any doubt in my mind that this is what I'm meant to do, I believe in me. My distinctive BECKSY style evolved from frustration and inner torment of being helmed in by hyperrealist pieces I was churning out. My use of the palette knife set me free, to paint with some vibrancy, instinct, expression and a tangibility, which can only be unleashed why I can truly be myself, I can orchestrate colours to my tune, most importantly I can maintain integrity.