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Gallery Artist: Balanced Design Textiles

Artist's Statement

The idea for BALANCED DESIGN was formed as I walked the streets of Paris two weeks after 9/11. At that time, in that city, people weren't just environmentally aware, they lived a more environmentally sensitive existence than most of the people that I knew. Their cars were much smaller. They brought their own bags to carry home groceries from the market. I had no way of knowing that my own country would adapt these green ideals—I only knew that I was ready to change.

Back then it’s as if there was a law that said that eco-friendly products had to be spartan or boring. It seemed like we bought those painfully beige goods secretly wishing to be punished for harming our environment for so long. As a former graphic designer, I see the world in simple shapes and powerful colors. I set about designing pillows that were eco-friendly and colorful. Today, BALANCED DESIGN offers a line of hand printed fabrics on organic cotton, 100% New Zealand wool tufted area rugs, pillows made from wool felt appliquéd onto organic cotton flannel, and hand printed designs on linen using water based inks. Our pillow inserts are regenerated fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.

Often described as modern, graphic, and whimsical, the designs have been also been called “happy” and are purposely colorful as well as eco-friendly. Color is exciting and can help us use our buying power to make more eco-friendly choices. Because I wanted the option to use vibrant color, I understood that I was going to have to strike a balance between the green-est possible solution and good design. Now, I use the word “green-er” to describe the company. There are no pure products. We are all striking this balance.